Saturday, October 6, 2007

Back to California.

This time Daddy's coming, too. We're in our new Suburban and looking forward to visiting cousins, showing off Restaurant stuff and Grandma's birthday party.

A Trip to Costco and the wardrobe planning precision of a military operation. 30 pairs of panties. 5 girls, 6 days of clothes= 30 pairs of panties. Plus color coded outfits for each day and we absolutely HAVE to throw in a load of laundry when we get to my sister's house.

We're excited to be staying at the Warner Center Marriott in Woodland Hills for a few nights. We're even MORE excited to be surprising the kids with a visit to our absolute all-time favorite family friends, the Spargos. Sadly, their house-sale went bad and now they moved back to Palmdale. The kids think that they're still living in Colorado, so they have NO IDEA that we'll be in the same STATE as our friends, so they will be shocked when we see them.

And we're off...

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