Thursday, November 29, 2007

Traveling in Style.

Our new Tandem stroller.
The section closest to the pushing handle comes with a bracket to put the carseat on. I doubt we'll ever use it because I really believe the carseat should stay IN THE CAR. I plan to wear the baby in the Moby wrap or something all the time. I'd really like to get a bunch more carriers, too. I think the real occupants of this stroller will be M2 and G1 because they're 2 and 4 years old. They're the ones who are too tired and too wild to walk sometimes. I don;t like that the cargo area is hard to access. I do like the little box on the handle that closes up because my new blackberry phone fits perfectly inside of it. I don't like how heavy it is and how tricky it is to fold. I do like that it has cupholders. This is my first tandem stroller. I don't foresee us ever needing another. I wish I would have shopped around more but we needed it NOW. I am so big and uncomfortable that I can't carry kids and their stuff any more.

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