Monday, March 31, 2008


Been thinking about Arizona lately. My mom moved there- My friend Syndie from High School lives there. The Mothering magazine headquarters are either there or in New Mexico. Last night we saw a show about campers (If I were British I'd call it a caravan) It was insane how expensive they were. It's so not my style to spend $300K on a gas guzzling home-on-wheels. I'd much rather buy an old funky Bus, convert it to Biodiesel, paint it pink and head for the hills. Arizona would definitely be a destination. It would be fun to decorate the inside, too. I love all the hidden nooks & crannies of a camper/caravac/hippybus. I think we'd sleep in hammocks. And I'd want to also make the roof of the thing completely flat with anchor hooks and 24 inch high rails on the edges so we could pitch a tent there, and use it as a patio.

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