Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We need two Biodiesel Campers

Strange thing to need, isn't it but my task tomorrow is to start to learn about such things. This travel documentary we started filming only 6 years ago, before our wonderful detour, is just about finished and we're doing a feasibility study now of spending a few months on the road filming more cities. While I love the idea of touring around for a little while, like a band of gypsies, and sharing space with 6 kids and a dog is really just part of life; sharing space with a mobile film studio does not sound like much fun. So if you want to teach me about biodiesel campers or some other form of green transportation for like a gigantic camper- please spare me the research and just send me a link, OK. If someone donates the vehicle, there will be shots of it all though the video.

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