Tuesday, May 27, 2008

5 more days 'til Portland

I was planning on buying diaper covers at a real diaper store in Portland, but I opted instead to buy them from a mom online. At the diaper store they would have been $5-$6 each (pull-ons, vinyl) but I was able to get instead 18 for about $20 and that included the shipping. Darn it- I liked the idea of visiting a real cloth diaper store, but the price couldn't be beat. There is a Steve & Barry's in Vancouver, though- but I don't think we'll be going, except that I'd like to. For whatever that's worth. I thought there was an AMC Theater in Portland, because we have this gift card and a few coupons for AMC but alas, the nearest ones are in the Seattle area. No such luck.

So- today I will continue to pack a week-long vacation bag, making sure that everyone has swimsuits, socks 7 shoes and everything else we need for our trip. How do John & Kate travel with their 8? I saw last week, they went to Utah, John & the kids went skiing and Kate went to the Spa. Amen, kate. You rock.

Yesterday, they went to see Oprah. Aunt Judy cracked me up. See, I've always known I'd meet Oprah, too. So when I get my call, I will be just as goofy as Aunt Judy. Just wait and see.

For now- we'll get ready for our trip. In 5 days. And thank heaven we're not traveling with 6 identical three year olds.

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