Monday, June 2, 2008

We Made it to the hotel

We made it to the Comfort Suites Portland. The Drive was beautiful. Here's a shot from Multnomah falls. It rained the whole way here. I didn't check the weather before we left, but I did tell the kids to pack something warm. I'm sure they didn't. My husband thinks it's a sign of bad parenting if the kids are shivering without a coat. I think that forgetting to pack a coat when you were specifically TOLD to pack a coat is a logical consequence. Next time, I'll bet they pack a coat. What is it about road trips that makes us want to eat during the ENTIRE DRIVE? I swear, it's like a disease. It's a good thing I packed semi-healthy snacks.

The hotel- OK so far, we're just barely checked in. There seem to be a lot of kids here. I'm anxious to meet some of the moms I've made friends with online. Kids want to go swimming right away, the pool is full of kids. I wonder how many families are on this trip.

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