Friday, July 4, 2008

day trip- shopping

I realize that technically a day spent shopping with 2/6 of my kids might not count as a road trip, but the fact is., it was like 500 degrees out and I was so dizzy from the heat that we had to stop at
McDonalds to get something salty to eat and some water (I have a medical salt issue- I need to eat it or I'll pass out from the heat.) and a hand full of salt is gross. So we got a dish of ice cream to go with it. I originally took this picture to show what a rip-off the ice cream was. $2.50 for 2 little scoops of ice cream at McDonalds, I could have gone to Baskin Robbins and gotten more ice cream than that.

The next pictures are of our baby eating her first french fry. Did you know that the most-consumed-vegetable for children under 18 months is the french fry. Sick, isn't it. I would never have thought of a french fry as a vegetable. For the record, her most consumed vegetable is the carrot, followed by broccoli, and then bananas. Not that bananas are a vegetable. She also eats oatmeal. Steel-cut, not rolled. In case it matters. It sure tastes better.

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