Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Next family road trip- Vancouver, WA

Yep, we're headed to Vancouver over next Memorial Day weekend, May 21-24, 2009. We'll be attending the Life is Good Conference at the Red Lion Hotel.

I'm looking at renting a beach house, because the price of a hotel for the week ends up being more than a beach house. I wasn't too crazy about staying at a different hotel than the one the conference was at this time, I did it mainly because the price was so much cheaper- $311 for hotel and flight, the flight alone was supposed to be more expensive than that.

This time, though- I'm wondering if I can get a beach house close enough to the convention. I guess I should see if they're having late night sessions, see how far we can get a house from the hotel. It would be nice if we could be right next door.

A beach house would be cool, we could share it with another family.

I don't know. I need to build a little countdown widget. I should also check out the hotel discounts, in case I decide I don't want to stay elsewhere. The point, though is that I need to get my family to one of these conferences.

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Carlina said...

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