Sunday, May 30, 2010

Trip Canceled

It's memorial day weekend and am I on the road? no. no road trip with my kids this weekend, dammit. We needed to have some work done on the Suburban. It was fairly important, new brakes and rotors and something else. These were things that would have killed us if we didn't take care of them. I'm glad they're getting fixed. I'm glad our trip to Vancouver was the one that was sacrificed and not the trip to Disneyland this summer. Speaking of Disneyland, we have to leave in like 2 weeks, so I sure hope that nothing interferes with Disneyland. Can you believe it's going to cost around $500 for my family JUST to get in for ONE DAY. $72 for everyone over age ten and $62 for everyone age 3-9. My youngest turns 3 in December, so she's free. WooHoo. I considered signing my 4 yr old up for the free birthday tickets, her birthday is August 28th but we plan to be in Texas at that time, attending a family convention, so that won't work.

Have I ever mentioned that I can't stand not traveling? Being on the road is such an adventure. This whole "sitting still" thing is driving me nuts.

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