Monday, June 12, 2006

Beach House

WOW- anyone who is thinking of going to San Diego should really check out Beach house rental. Per night, it costs a fraction of what a hotel costs, especially when you're with a crowd. This beach house sleeps up to 12 people (more if you're a snuggler) and has a full kitchen, bathrooms, a garage full of beach toys, and a big patio and BBQ area. It's a weekly rental and OMG- it's amazing. I want to come here with a group of my friends. we could totally share it with another family (as long as they don't have 5 kids too) we are in heaven. Did I mention it's a stone's throw from the beach?

We did survive the drive here. It was long, it took a day longer than I expected but the kids were glad to stay in a hotel with a pool and continental breakfast. Poor babies, so sick of sitting still in the car.

Our car snacks were genius. I loaded a cooler with string cheese, yogurt, bottled water, fruit, granola bars and a few cookies, crackers and fruit snacks. I put my oldest in the WAY back, so she could distribute snacks to the front of the car. Each time we stopped for gas we'd clean out the snack trash wrappers and pee. Even if you don't think you have to go. You have to try.

I am so glad we're here. I am so NOT looking forward to the drive back to Yakima.

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