Saturday, July 1, 2006

We made it.

We made it home!

E stayed behind with Grandma. So I returned home with only 4 kids. E was the helpful oldest one, so I was very nervous about traveling with all the youngest ones. We stopped one night on the way home, Hotel was nice, we went swimming the minute we woke up, ate a yummy Continental breakfast, filled up the Gas Tank, and hit the road. I missed the freeway onramp (Thank Goodness) and suddenly the car temperature jumed up as high as it could and I turned around in front a Deisel truck repair shop. The owner recommended a reputable tow truck driver who came and hauled us to a repair shop. At the mercy of greasy strangers 1200 miles from home, I was glad they didn't charge me extra to haul my trailer. They were sympathetic to my status (traveling alone with 4 kids.)

The Bad News- It was the air conditioner that broke. Not fun in the Middle of Summer. The Air Conditioner froze up and the Engine's main belt runs through the Air Conditioner somehow.

The Badder News- A New Air Conditioner would cost $1800 I think that's what we paid for the van.

The worst baddest news- They wouldn't be able to get a new part until Monday.

Anderson Automotive rocks. The Man who was working on it jimmied up a part to bypass the Air Conditioning System so we could get home. This scared me. I asked him if he would let his wife and kids Drive 1200 miles with this repair job. He said Yes, but watch the temperature gauge and have it checked out as soon as you get home.

It worked. We made it. I sent them a Thank-You-Card. This could have turned out so much worse. It was so nice to finally get out of there. We stopped at Wal Mart on the way out of town for a few things to help us survive without air conditioning.

I got a 12 pack of washcloths- and a Kool-Aid Pitcher. My Idea was to keep the washcloths in Ice water and lay them on the backs of our necks to beat the heat. It worked. It was hot but it worked. When we'd stop, I'd refresh the water in the pitcher with Cooler runoff. I let the kids be in their swimsuits. I took off my shoes. We made it.

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