Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cinco De Mayo Resources

I do realize this is a travel blog, but we're homeschoolers on a tight budget, so instead of real ly traveling to Mexico for Cinco De Mayo (which would be stupid because they don't celebrate it there) we're just using the holiday to learn a little more about Mexico. Here are some resources we've found:

Coloring Page: Children in Traditional Mexican Clothing
Coloring Page: Children playing with pinata
Coloring Page: Mexican boy in Charro suit
Coloring Page: Fiesta
Word Search: easier and harder
Cinco De Mayo songs (not traditional songs, these are goofy teacher-made songs)
Tons of Crafts (with excellent pictures) at Kaboose
Making Friends website also has tons of fiesta crafts you can use for Cinco De Mayo
More Mexican Crafts at Enchanted Learning


HowStupidAreYou said...

Wow, shows what you really don't know about a culture. Of course they celebrate it. How would you know if you've never been there?

HowStupidAreYou said...

FYI: I am Mexican and have been in Mexico for Cinco de Mayo and it is a BIG celebration.

Koddy said...

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