Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We're going to Portland

June 2-5 Not sure of the whole itinerary but we'll be visiting Pioneer square, the Oregon Zoo, the Oregon History Center and OMSI. I found the Oregon Zoo has great resources for teachers on their website. We're traveling with a large group of homeschooling families, it's going to be so much fun. I need to check customer reviews of the hotel we're staying at, the idea of staying with the group sounds like so much fun but the name of the hotel isn't consistently reputable throughout the U.S. (lucky me- the hotel reviewer, gets the inside scoop) I don't want to switch away from the group, but I also don't want to stay if it's overpriced or dirty. $71 a night isn't bad for a big city, but it's by the airport, and you just never know by the airport. They have a pool and a spa and continental breakfast, but do they have complimentary high speed internet access? Some hotels charge, and what about parking? I'd rather spend $ on a better room than on parking. When we went to CA last summer, they wanted to charge us $12 each time we used the parking lot, so we just parked across the street. And they wanted to charge $10 per day for internet access WTF??? I think it was like a 4 star hotel, too. Marriott I think. But the toiletries were Bath & Bodyworks, I think. That was nice. And it was beautiful, the view was beautiful. The staff was friendly. Anyhow- back to Portland. I can't wait to get the itinerary. I want to get together with friends from my Mothering Magazine Due Date Club. Lunch, at a park or something. Do I even want to Bring Mr H? He once said "zoos are for retards."

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