Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More about biodiesel

OK so maybe we don't need 2 biodiesel campers, one can be a bus. I'd like to convert one of those tourbuses, like a rock star. OMG then I'd be more of a rock star than Fussy! Talk about going to great lengths to outdo someone, although there really is more to it than that, isn't there. Anyhow, so we're preparing to travel around in a bus with our 6 kids and a video production crew for 2-3 months. The first thing we need to do (OK one of the million things we need to do) is find a bus and convert it to biodiesel,or veggie oil there's a conversion kit that runs around $1000 and then of course, we need to find the diesel vehicle we'll be converting. Attention- if you own a biodiesel bus company and would consider loaning us one we'd treat it very nicely. And you'll get some press from it, too. Not only will I thank you to high heaven here on this blog, but we'll edit it into the opening credits of the travel documentary we're making for PBS and the children's travel show we're making for Discovery Kids. Not that discovery kids knows this, but whatever, they don't need to know just yet. PBS knows about the travel thing, though- and our first episode is seling wonderfully to the libraries and to the wineries. SO- here's my link to a company that makes converter kits for diesel engines. Hopefully they will notice a ton of traffic flooding in to them through this link and they'll come here to check it out and say to themselves "By golly, I'd love to send them 2 free biodiesel tour buses. Go ahead, keep them. And God bless you, green travel goddess." Golden Fuel Systems ansd there's also Greasecar Systems and Frybrid Diesel/Vegetable Oil

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