Friday, May 2, 2008

Should we put a TV in the bus?

I'm thinking no way. Part of the reason we're taking this trip is for education, and what will they learn watching spongebob when the world is right outside their window. We'll have all the laptop computers, so they could conceivably watch a DVD or streaming online video content if we have a connection. I think I'd rather use the kids use their minds and bodies helping with the production and exploring the areas we're shooting instead of watching TV. We'll have school work and books to read if they get bored. Also, they'll be able to draw or write or something, to. This trip is about getting away, and TV would ruin it. I know I'll have to argue a bit with my husband on this, he thinks we should have a TV in the car for trips around town, too- he's all for the idea. It's a good thing we don't disagree more often.

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