Monday, June 30, 2008

Like flying is so much fun anyway

Have you heard this story of the child with autism who was kicked off the airplane. We've all heard an autism "fit" before, haven't we? It really is hard to listen to, but anyone with common sense knows to just leave the child alone. Sometimes mom can help calm them down, sometimes they can't.

In case you only have half a brain cell in your head, let me make one thing clear- do NOT, under any circumstance, interrupt a cranky child with autism to tighten their seatbelt, repeatedly.

The kid is already hyper-stimulated because they're 1- in an airplane- surrounded by strangers- there's no way out... and the seat belt issue is really second to the child's peace of mind and the eardrums of the other passengers. True, turbulence can create a dangerous situation where a seatbelt restraint is necessary, but if the child is simply freaked out because he doesn't want his buckle too tight, then let him rest.

I think flight attendants have to be some of the most self-righteous bitches on the planet. OK- not all of them, but check out this story about a bitchy flight attendant. What the hell was her problem?

I will be flying in September, with my 9 month old and my 14 yr old, I hope I don't come across any bitchy flight attendants.

So far I haven't, in the past 14 years I've flown with kids exactly 6 times. There's a rule I totally don't get about flying with lap babies. If my baby is in a sling or front-pack carrier, I have been instructed to remove the baby from the carrier and let it sit, unrestrained on my lap. Has anyone else seen the early J-Lo movie where baby bubble is thrown from his momma's lap and dies in the plane crash? Wouldn't he have lived if he was in a sling or front carrier. I understand the possibility that my weight could crush the child. But I'd rather my child be crushed in my arms on my lap than to fly out of a hole in the plane to drown in the ocean or have the wind sucked out of him as he's hurled through the air. Just my preference. They should have a waiver.

I think the decision should be with the parent. I'd rather not have my child fry from my hands in a plane crash. I wonder what the percentage of plane crash victims survive anyways?

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