Friday, June 6, 2008

Oregon History Museum. OOPS- free parking!

Can you blame us, really for not noticing the meter, what with children needing coats, snacks, faces wiped, potty visits, finding the shoes they weren't supposed to take off in the car, losing the lid to the water bottle and THIS awesome mural.

Would it be naughty or rude of me to suggest that perhaps the mural was better than the museum? I guess that wouldn't be entirely true. The Oregon exhibit was cool- pioneer stuff and Oregon history. One of the downstairs rooms was horribly boring, the paintings looked dusty and old and boring, like maybe they're from Goodwill or something. The frames looked old-fashioned, like stuff I'd find in my Grandma's old house. I liked the baskets, but I'm a dork like that. Brandon liked the Navy stuff. There was a "shoes" thing where we saw some Chinese Women's shoes that were 4 inches long. My daughter was horrified when she learned of the old foot binding process, and made sure I knew that we really needed to look into adopting Chinese orphans.

Because bringing 6 little girls to a museum is simply not enough???

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