Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stupid Oregon Gas-Pumpers

Today we went to the Oregon History Museum. Actually, first we drove all the way to Milwaukie (OK it was 10 minutes away) to go to the Safeway Fuel Station, because we have accumulated 90 cents in Power Pump Rewards, and that means 90 cents off per gallon. How wise to use it for a fill-up before driving 200 miles home, right. WRONG. Apparently Oregon doesn't do the power pump rewards program and the idiots who pump gas for a living in Oregon actually made fun of us for mentioning it. What the F*&& ever- you bonehead. That wasn't our only idiot gas-pumper story. How nice of the state to pass a stupid law for the sole purpose of employing people without brain cells.

The second gas-pumper incident involves us asking a gas pumper "where's the nearest Washington Mutual?" to which he replies "uuuum uuuhhh, wellll... I don't know, dude (heheheeh) sorry, man" and then, a lightbulb goes off "maybe that way..." points the wrong way on a one way street. So we circle around town for about an hour. Keeping our eyes open for a WAMU but really just looking at architecture, landmarks, people, no big deal. We find a wamu and head back for that intersection because it's really where we needed to be.

Darned if there isn't a frigging WAMU a block away from the jerk. How can you NOT KNOW about a business that's a block from your work. Are you blind? No- just an Oregon gas pumper.

What a great reason to go electric or use bio diesel. Sorry, man.

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mommastantrum said...

I am not sure why they still have pumpers in Oregon. I mean in high school it was just boys that pumped the gas, now it seems that it is just um, uh, stoners that do it. Which I guess is good, because that way no one has to worry about anyone killing anymore brain cells.