Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Oregon Zoo with 6 girls

What could be more fun than going to the Zoo? I know the answer to this one- going to the Zoo with ten thousand school kids. Yep, that's right. Our tranquil day of wandering around amidst the animals was peppered with, well, scared animals because these kids were far more wild than the animals in the zoo. The first thing we saw was this powerful leopard pacing back and forth, I think my 2 yr old thought it was a movie.

Our first stop was Lorakeet Landing. I managed to have a Lorakeet land on me, during a rare student-free moment.

The kids got to watch them eating up close, their tongues have like- bristles on them to help suck up the nectar.

What is it with men? Or is it just MY man? He sees a path. It must lead somewhere. Find the end of the path. Then you can leave. There should be a speed limit law when pushing a stroller through the zoo. We hardly saw anything because he was in such a hurry to reach the end of the path. OK- the kids were cold. Whatever. They didn't bring coats. The zoo should be relaxing though. I knew the zoo was going to be an issue for him, though. Next time we go to the Zoo we're not bringing him. Or he's not pushing. Or we'll bring coats. I think he needs to experience the zoo at a child's pace, it's so much more fun.

Quite funny actually that the sea lions were of interest to him. They're so graceful. He might have slobbered, I'll have to tease him about it later. It was warmer underground.

When my oldest was less than two, we had a friend who worked for Universal Studios. We went backstage at the Animal Show and met the trainers. Daughter actually played with Jethro the orangutan. They swung on a bar like... monkeys. They looked at each other a lot. In these pictures, we had turned a corner to find this orangutan hanging out by the window, watching the people go by. We felt a bit like we were on exhibit.

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