Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Portland Children's Museum

I had to lighten these in microsoft picture editor- probably should have used photoshop or gimp- they were all black & looked terrible. Still waiting for that new camera.

Can you believe all 5 of the pictures above were taken in the same room? I loved the gigantic macaroni picture frame. I wish it hadn't been cut off by the photographer. (oldest daughter) I love that I had my picture taken with Mrs March. All the girls enjoyed brushing the alligator's teeth. (Crocodile?)

The girls loved the market playroom and the play cafe. Here's M2 working at the grocery store. She asked one of her customers for the coupons. My apologies to the lady with the deer-in-the-headlights look. You can finish studying now. Good luck.

Littlest girl practiced crawling, her new hobby.

Here's everyone taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the museum to engage in the creative pursuit of pottery. Or clay sculpting, rather. I thought it was a Spartan warrior my husband was so carefully crafting, with his manly bum perched on top of an 18 inch high chair. For over an hour. Perhaps a representation of the war-like feeling that accompanies traveling with 6 children who like to run in different directions. Alas, however, it was a Mohawk Indian. I get it.

End of the day; my M1 and Mrs March's Meg enjoyed the Most Extinguished Guest trophy and E1 and I enjoyed the ball wall. I wonder if my husband would let me decorate my house like a children's museum. I'll bet he would, what a lucky girl I am.

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