Saturday, July 12, 2008

Biodiesel is going to be a no go

He's building a hydrogen fuel cell instead. This is a device that separates the H2 from the O and allows a vehicle to be run on water. A friend of ours informed me that her husband ordered a kit to make a device like this- he said it was from this company, and that it wasn't making much of a difference. He speculated that i was because he had fuel injection and that the engine was reading the oxygen level wrong and that he could increase his mileage by making an adjustment to his carburetor. (I think this is what he said) Anyway, I spoke with him today and he said he had made the adjustments and that he was still not experiencing a significant boost in his mileage, although the car seemed to have more power.

He mentioned that he had seen the hydrogen myth busted on mythbusters. My heart sunk, I love mythbusters. I had to check it out. They did, in fact, declare on mythbusters that it was busted, but anyone who watches the show knows that sometimes you're shouting at the TV saying "But what about..." I know they try to address everything, but busting 2 myths in 30 minutes doesn't leave time to explore every scientific possibility.

When I read the transcripts form the show, I was bummed to see that they weren't testing the theory, but the available technology. They ordered a kit or directions online and didn't build their own device. Instead of racking my very non-scientific brain to figure out the other possibilities, I just clicked on one of the many other links that came up when I googled "mythbusters hydrogen fuel" and was happily surprised to find an environmental blogger had created a whole post about debunking the mythbusters episode

So we're back to square one. My husband is blessed with stubborn-ness and won't be told that it isn't possible. How many light bulbs did Edison make before he got it right?

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Shawn said...

Hi, I noticed that you said you loved Mythbusters. I thought I should give you the heads up that a brand new Mythbusters Shark Week special is coming up very soon.

It all starts on Sunday, July 27th, at 9PM. Feel free to check out the Shark Week website here for more info:

If you want to hear more I'd be happy to share since I work with Discovery and definitely have the inside scoop. Have a great day, and feel free to contact me.

Shawn Grover