Saturday, July 12, 2008

walking, my least favorite alternative fuel

But I did it. Thursday night I walked the girls to Franklin park for their Thursday night concert in the park. I walked home, too. pushing a double stroller. I survived. Today we're heading up for the Folk Life Festival. It's one of our favorite things about Yakima. You know you should move when a one-weekend event is the best thing about a town. I think by the time we end up moving I'm going to hate this place. I took my girls to Glenwood Square yesterday for the Melody Lane Summer Day Camp performance. It was cute, but the mall is ridiculous. It's empty and deserted. Less than 50% occupied. In a shopping culture, how can a mall be empty? Simple, because it's in Yakima, a town where over 60% of residents qualify for medical and food stamp assistance. This particular mall tries to appeal to the upper crust of society by housing specialty stores. For some businesses, it works. I have a particular beef with the 4D ultrasound clinic. My $125 ultrasound ended up cositn me over $500 because the local lady wouldn't allow me to have one without a Doctor's consent. Her policy stated "caregiver" and I was seeing a midwife who approved and signed her waiver form. Pregnancy isn't a disease, There's nor eason to see a doctor. If the lady is in the business of giving recreational ultrasounds, and I have given her everything her insurance policy needs to service me, then get over it. "Mommy's Treasure" she calls herself. I'd have a lot more treasure if I didn't drive 300 miles to Bellevue just to find out my 6th child was ANOTHER GIRL. Between the gas, the parking and the fact that whenever you drive 5 kids 300 miles you'll HAVE to feed them, the day cost a small treasure. It was fun, though. We celebrated G2's 2nd birthday at the Rainforest Cafe and had a great time.

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