Friday, September 5, 2008

Cheaper Travel Wardrobe

I foresee a revolution of thrift shops popping up around airports. I don't know if you buy clothes at thrift shops. My kids go through clothes so quickly, we are very blessed to have friends around us often giving bags full of clothes to my girls, but when we need something right away, we head off to Value Village or something. Anyhow- so I get to the airport, after carefully budgeting for my trip, and am completely surprised by the fact that I have to pay $15 to check a bag. It wasn't over-sized, that's just the cost now, $15 for every bag you check. So there goes my lunch money. If i had known about that, I wouldn't have spent money buying clothes before I left, I would have just bought them when I got there. So $30 round trip to bring my clothes. I have half a mind to wear them all home, so I don't have to pack anything. If I weren't traveling with a baby I'd do that. Hmmm, maybe we should both do that. I bet it's cheaper to mail my stuff home. I wonder if I tried a Space bag, could I fit it all into my backpack?

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