Friday, September 5, 2008

Save a Fortune on Hotel Phone Calls

Instead of calling my kids from the hotel, which would cost a fortune, I use a website that I found that calls them and gives them a message. It looks like it's marketed for prank calls, which is rude- but just to send a message from the internet, it's a great idea. All you do is punch in the phone number you're calling, you get to choose your own caller ID number and name, which doesn't show up at my house, it just says unknown and then you type in a message. A man's voice, which doesn't sound too robotic (according to my kids) relays the message. The first time I used the service, the kids were confused. "Mom- some guy just called us and said 'call your mother, she misses you and she wants you to call her' and he didn't even answer after that." Anyhow- I hope you enjoy that little travel tip.

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