Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Comparing mapping software & sites

Ok, I know everyone knows about mapquest and google maps, but are there other road-tripping software programs that are easier to use?  I love that mapquest makes it so easy to add different destinations and rearrange them- but their system is slow and instead of live-updating, i think it should allow you to make your changes and THEN recalculate.  Or enter all of your cities and THEN calculate it, because otherwise it takes so long to reload each change.  and the fuel calculator is a little troublesome because it shows you the calculation for the entire trip, so I just use a calculator instead, because I like to know how much each leg of the trip will cost because then I can plan around my paydays, I work for like 30 different companies and they all have different pay schedules, so when we travel, I'm not like saving up for a trip and then taking off, I'm making the money as we go.  And the scrolling is just ridiculous- if you collapse it, it  should stay collapsed. I'm sure frequent mapquest users have better advice for them, I'm just venting.  Google maps is best at finding local businesses, when they've claimed them, that is.  Sometimes it's totally useless. What do you think? Which mapping software do you use the most? What features do you like the best, which ones are annoying?

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