Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shopping and Travel

I bet the retailers in tourist destinations across the US could really seriously put some pressure on airlines to get rid of their stupid cost-per-checked-bag situation on the grounds that maybe travelers are shopping less at tourist destinations since they don't want to have to spend $15 per bag to bring their new crap home.

Personally, I'm not a shopper.  Honestly, I hate it. I don't mind watching people at the mall, much like watching animals at the zoo.  I can not relate to the endless, mindless consumption of meaningless crap.  A true traveler collects experiences and photos, not souvenirs.  Although- handmade souvenirs by some local indigenous people really are awesome, and I'd rather collect that than a snow globe or a stupid tshirt.

I tried to search for other web articles about tourists shopping less, or if travelers were shopping less, but I couldn't find anything.

So what about you, are you shopping less because of those stupid baggage charges?  I wonder if airports have post offices built-in, so people can just mail themselves their packages because I'm sure the arbirtrary rates are sometimes more expensive than just mailing it.

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